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Our Vision

hemp-field-smallUS Hemp Oil is dedicated to a future where Hemp can once again be grown in the US to the benefit of all farmers and local communities. Our Hemp Seed Oil, CBD and Hemp food products represent our highest commitment to quality, sustainablity, and eco-economic prosperity.

General Health

general-wellnessIf maximum CBD (cannabidiol) is what your looking  for then our Cibdex Line of drops, salves, and capsules is what you want. We start with hemp oil and process it for maximum CBD content. Our Cibdex Line is curently in the final stages, ready for release in early 2013.

Sports Fitness

gym-guy-smallOur soon to be released Hemp Fit line focuses on the rich proteins and fatty acids found naturally in Hemp Seeds and Hemp Oil. Rich in Omega-3s and GLA these organic products provide excellent benefits to the athlete, body builder, or anyone who is health conscious.

Hempfit Without Leaf Green Colour


Trainer Picks Hemp

Hemp protein is my choice as the best protein for building muscle and promoting overall health. Hemp’s nutrient density is greater than all other protein powders and it is packed with bio-available enzymes and good bacteria, which facilitate the conversion of amino acids to muscle.